GALLERY PHOTOGRAPHS will discover and introduce quality photographers and creators from around the world. This gallery is run by a commercial photo studio SHILO STUDIO to act as a bridge between commercial photography and fine art photography.
There are many domestic and international photographers working today, however, we feel their practice is not necessary in proportion to their creative prospects.The fine art and commercial photography separate into two different fields, creating a difficult environment for photographers to be working in both.
If we could play a part to introduce talented creators to connect to the media, we believe that we can increase a platform for the creators.This project is launched not for the interests of profit but to activate the creativity of the media.
We plan to introduce international photographers to Japan and Japanese photographers to oversea.

"GALLERY PHOTOGRAPHS"は写真を中心に国内外の良質なクリエイターを発掘、紹介していきます。コマーシャルスタジオであるSHILO STUDIOが運営するもので、コマーシャル写真とファインアート写真の架け橋になるべく活動しています。

GalleryPhotographs : http://galleryphotographs.net/